Economic & Financial Science Program

Program Name:

  • Economics and Financial Sciences Program.

Degree Awarded:

  • Bachelor's in Banking & Financial Institutions.
  • Bachelor's in economics.


  • The distinction in academic performance and scientific research in economic learning and labor market wealth on the local and regional level.


  • Presenting distinguished academic program for preparing and graduating economic competences able to fulfill the economic sector need accounting the contemporary.


  • Justices.
  • Excellence.
  • Reliability.
  • Celerity.
  • Quality.

Program Objectives:

  • General Objectives:
    • Developing the labor and scientific experiences and activating the qualitative knowledge.
    • Building students labor and scientific character and developing researchable abilities by using the scientific syllabuses.
    • The active scientific contribution in the financial and Banking sector in the local and regional society.
    • Sharing and opinion exchanging in the economic policies the partial and the general with the focus in the Banking and financial sector.
    • The contribution in problem solving which face the economic, financial Banking, the formal and informal activities.
    • Verifying the educational sources and make it available.

  • Special Objectives:
    • Contribute to fulfilling the Sudanese market needs in Economic and Financial area, in theoretical and the work side.
    • Developing the quantitative and practical skills in Banking and Economics.
    • Adopting the newly and modern scientific developments.