alofoug  College holds a meeting of the Financial and Administrative Committee

Alofoug College Holds A Meeting Of The Financial And Administrative Committee

The alofoug College of Science and Technology held its meeting No. 3 for the year 2022 AD, headed by Professor Al-Khader Ali Idris, Chairman of the Committee, and members of the committee consisting of Professor Ahmed Majzoub, Dr.
In which the previous minutes and the agenda were approved, where Professor Muhammad Ahmed Majzoub, the committee’s rapporteur and the vice-faculty, presented the position of implementing the previous decisions and directives and the important management report for the year 2022 AD in the light of the plan, in addition to presenting the college plan for the year 2023 AD according to the strategic plan of the college in addition to the financial performance report and perseverance
The members of the committee commended the general performance for the year 2022, which reached 92%.
Professor Ahmed Majzoub Ali, a member of the committee and dean of the college, said that the college seeks during the coming period to develop and activate policies and methodologies for the main operations, increase study programs, develop facilities for cultural and sports systems, in addition to supporting scientific research, preserving scholars, and establishing research centers, emphasizing that we will move forward to obtain accreditation for programs Medical institutions from local and international accreditation
Professor Al-Khidr Ali Idris, Chairman of the Committee, thanked the members of the Committee, praising the great effort that was made during the previous period, calling for the need to benefit from coordination relations and create new opportunities locally and regionally to contribute to the development of the general performance of the competition of universities and colleges in the regional and international environment.